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Jeremiah Christenson PE, Legacy LEED AP
Managing Principal
Mechanical Engineer

Jeremiah Christenson has been a valued member of the Obernel Engineering team since 2001. Through his hard work, he later became a partner in 2007. He is a LEED Accredited Professional with over 15 Years of HVAC design experience and is a member of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers and has been an ASHRAE member since 2002.

In his time at Obernel, he has successfully worked on over 1,000 projects at facilities in education, medical, athletic facilities, office buildings, government and more. He has been involved in all aspects of building mechanical systems, including existing systems and equipment evaluation, master planning, and HVAC systems design. His years of experience in various projects has made him familiar with putting the entire project together.

Jeremiah has always been a very detailed engineer who takes the responsibility of his job very seriously. His main concern involves the comfort, health, and safety of the end-user of the building.

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