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ONE specializes in electrical engineering for building and infrastructure systems such as building lighting, power generation and power distribution. Our Approach to design for electrical systems is to integrate solutions utilizing the latest technologies available.

Airport lighting, including runway and taxiway edge lighting and signage, and NAVAIDS are critical elements in airport lighting design. Obermiller Nelson Engineering’s electrical engineering team is experienced in all types of airport lighting system and NAVAID design, including implementing the newest LED runway and taxiway edge lights, LED guidance signs, LED PAPI systems, LED approach lights and LED wind cones.

Airport Lighting

At Obermiller Nelson Engineering, our electrical engineers and designers will work closely with architects and owners to match lighting schemes to each space. With three Certified Lighting Designers on staff, we have the capabilities to model the lighting in any space, interior or exterior, giving both light levels as well as a rendering, displaying a preview of how the lighting will appear.

We always keep energy efficiency in mind in our lighting designs and will work to incorporate the latest proven and most efficient lighting technology. ONE’s engineers are proficient in meeting LEED design requirements and all energy code requirements. Whether lighting for energy savings, performance of visual tasks, way-finding, or highlighting architectural elements for aesthetic or functional purposes, we are the experts.


Obermiller Nelson Engineering’s electrical engineers and designers have many years of experience in designing highly reliable medium voltage systems for power distribution.  Power distribution components and designs typically include medium voltage switches, transformers, man-holes, duct banks, cables, etc.   Whether it is a simple campus owned distribution system, or a complex distribution loop for both emergency and normal power, we have experience in designing, modifying and extending the power distribution system.

Power Distribution

Downtime for a facility can mean lost revenue, upset clients and even danger to human life. On-site generators make a facility able to sustain some or all of its operations, regardless of the state of utility power, and will also allow a facility to meet emergency power code requirements. In some cases, on-site generation can help a facility receive attractive energy rates for operational cost savings.

Obermiller Nelson Engineering’s electrical engineers and designers have years of experience designing, maintaining and modifying electrical systems that incorporate generators. From emergency standby to peak shaving prime power; from diesel to natural gas fuel; from small economical self-contained units to multiple large generators paralleled together for redundancy and extra capacity; we are proficient in providing the generator system that meets any facility’s needs.

Power Generation

Properly designed street and site lighting is necessary to provide a safe and functional environment for the occupants and users of any facility or community. It is also a way to highlight architectural and aesthetic elements.

Obermiller Nelson Engineering’s electrical engineers have many years of experience in designing street lighting, walkway and area lighting systems and have lighting modeling software tools to ensure an effective installation. From meeting DOT requirements to designing systems using the latest in high-efficiency LED technology, we are the professionals needed for any project.

Street Lighting

Facilities are becoming more and more complex as technology requirements increase.  Obermiller Nelson Engineering’s electrical engineering team are experts in all types of systems design including phone/data distribution, UPS systems, wireless systems, nurse call, wander-guard, fire alarm, mass notification, sound systems, security, access control, intrusion detection and more.  Our experience includes facility types ranging from healthcare to educational to institutional and anything in between.

Systems Design

Electrical system problems can be as difficult to diagnose as they are frustrating. Obermiller Nelson Engineering’s electrical engineers are knowledgeable in forensic engineering, testing and monitoring of electrical systems to identify electrical issues in order to suggest and implement remedies. Through the use of testing and monitoring equipment we are also able to identify any unseen issues on an electrical system that may cause problems down the road.  Many times, steps can be taken to prevent future equipment failure or to improve a system’s overall efficiency.

Testing Monitoring

ONE Electrical Team

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