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West Fargo City Hall & Polic Station
West Fargo, North Dakota

Project Description:

The West Fargo City Hall & Police Station Project was a remodel and addition to the city of West Fargo’s Police Station and City Hall. The upper level is mostly devoted to the police station which is an open work area with perimeter offices on the north and south side of the building. There are also areas for interrogation, evidence storage & processing, and a sally port. The City Council and training rooms will double as a disaster emergency communication center. The remodeled western part of the building is where city offices and a new building inspection department are located.

Obernel designed for new hot water high-efficiency boilers, a hot water heating system, terminal heating coils on the Variable Air Volume boxes (VAVs), and a replacement boiler. Throughout the building, the ventilation system is comprised of indoor air handling units with hot water heat and DX cooling. Temperature controls for the new addition are all new DDC Controls with an integrated building air pressure monitoring system.

The locker and fitness rooms are on the lower level. There is also underground parking that has a gas-fired makeup air unit with a CO and NO2 detection system along with four suspended unit heaters. Obernel also designed for snowmelt and underfloor heat around the garage door at the ramp.

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