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Wahpeton High School Cafeteria

Wahpeton High School
Wahpeton, North Dakota

Project Description:

Obernel partnered with T.L. Stroh Architects and Wahpeton Public Schools to design an addition and remodel of Wahpeton High School. The new commons space and auditorium will provide the students and staff two options for a central gathering area. A band and choir room was also added to benefit those programs. Obernel was responsible for the mechanical and electrical engineering on this project.

The auditorium and stage provide exceptional spaces for theatrical productions and concerts as a sound booth, dressing rooms, and lighting are all included. The mechanical team paid particular attention to the noise level of the ventilation system while also designing for proper airflow during full performances.

Perhaps the most exciting additional space is the commons area for the students. They can use this space as a dining hall, commons area, and overall multipurpose area which the school didn’t have before.

Brent Wavra, Managing Principal and Mechanical Engineer at Obernel commented: “The Whapeton High School project was unique in that the student body now has two new venues that they didn’t have, which are essential pieces within a growing school district, so it was a great project for the community!”

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