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VCSU, Central Heat Plant

Valley City State University
Central Heat Plant
Jamestown, North Dakota 

Project Description:

The Valley City State University Central Steam Heat Plant was installed in 2016-2017 and includes one 670 HP coal/natural gas/synfuel gas-fired boiler, one 700 HP natural gas/oil boiler, and space for one future 400 HP natural gas/oil-fired boiler. The fuel oil/natural gas boilers combined with the multi-fuel coal-fired boiler allows for flexibility in operation, adequate backup capability and capacity for future campus growth.

The new boiler plant incorporated a new electrical utility service including a new transformer and a new generator for backup power to serve all functions in the plant. Existing telecommunications cabling were relocated and extended to the new boiler plant. The new heat plant meets EPA and North Dakota State Health Department regulations for combustion of North Dakota Lignite Coal. The plant is designed to operate efficiently and has excellent accessibility for maintenance.

A new deaerator with new boiler feedwater pumps and condensate return storage tank with transfer pumps provide condensate return and boiler feed water-handling. Water treatment chemicals are dispensed into the boiler feedwater and condensate piping systems. New vacuum condensate return pumps are installed to enhance condensate return. New underground piping extending from the new boiler plant is connected to the existing underground steam supply and condensate return piping systems for distribution to the buildings on campus.

“We found out that we had fewer dollars than we originally thought. Kudos to the design team that sat around a table and brainstormed solutions to make this project happen. No mountain is climbed in a straight line. And, ultimately, we came in almost $100K under budget and were able to use that money to buy an additional gas boiler.”

– Wesley Wintch, Vice President for Business Affairs, Valley City State University, at the ribbon cutting for the new boiler plant

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