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UND, Gorecki Alumni Center

University of North Dakota 
Gorecki Alumni Center
Grand Forks, North Dakota

Project Description:

The Gorecki Alumni Center is the first LEED Platinum building in North Dakota. The building is 38,000 sq ft and houses alumni services and administration. The building uses around 41% less energy than other buildings. The roof contains 3,219 sq ft of solar panels that alone are predicted to save up to 80,000 kWh a year – enough to run 7.3 average American homes annually.

There are 12.8 miles of piping under the building’s parking lot to create a geothermal wellfield. A geothermal system is used to move heat form one area of the building to another and to take advantage of the Earth’s mass as a heat sink. This results in a significant reduction in energy consumption and a more economical operation over the lifetime of a building.

Click here to check out the building dashboard at the Gorecki Alumni Center. You can view the building’s energy use, water use and electricity production in real time.

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