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Red Trail Elementary School

Mandan Public Schools
Red Trail Elementary
Mandan, North Dakota

Project Description:

Obernel partnered with Al Fitterer Architects to complete this new elementary school for Mandan Public Schools (MPS). Obernel was responsible for mechanical and electrical engineering.

Mechanically, Obernel designed for displacement ventilation in the classrooms, VAV with hot water reheat in other areas, high-efficiency natural gas boilers, high-efficiency domestic water heaters, and an air-cooled chiller with two circuits and scroll compressors. Red Trail Elementary was the first MPS school to have a displacement ventilation system.

Electrically, Obernel designed for two different lamp types: 28W T8 and LED lights. There are also occupancy sensors throughout the building and a simple relay panel for exterior lighting and gym lighting. The classrooms have recessed lighting with fully-luminous housing. Obernel was also responsible for engineering the fully-networked intercom, PA system, and bell system. Obernel also designed an IP-based video surveillance system covering the entrances and A/V cabling for smart boards and projectors.

Unique challenges to this project include a warming kitchen, (meaning that it isn’t full scale), planning and designing for a lawn irrigation system because the site is so significant, and incorporating school’s plans for expansion by designing for all the plumbing, heating, and air conditioning to be capped off for future extension.

Red Trail Elementary School Mechanical Room
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