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Perham Memorial Hospital

Sanford Health
Perham Memorial Hospital
Perham, Minnesota

Project Description:

Obernel partnered with bhh Partners to provide mechanical engineering for the new Perham Memorial Hospital. This project was unique in that is was a green site hospital. With a green site hospital, Obernel had the privilege of starting from scratch to create a highly-functioning, energy-efficient and maintainable building for decades to come.

Obernel approached this project, like all of our projects, with the end in mind. The owner wanted centralized systems, energy independence, and the best life-cycle costs. Obernel provided a dual-fuel steam boiler system on gas/oil to help minimize operational dependency on gas. Also, Obernel designed for an off-peak electric boiler system to ensure energy independence.

The medical gas system, chilled-water system, heating system, sprinkler system, and plumbing systems are all housed in the same area of the building to allow for easy maintenance and access.

The air-handling systems are semi-custom air handling units with fan arrays to minimize energy consumption and to allow for system redundancy.

The entire building is fully-automated (including fire alarm, lighting, etc.) into one system for ease of operation and monitoring. Obernel took advantage of the green site and designed a unique and successful system for the owner.

Perham Memorial Hospital
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