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NDSU, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

North Dakota State University
Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Fargo, North Dakota
Project Description:

NDSU’s Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory has completed the move to its impressive new facilities. Obernel was the mechanical and fire protection engineer on this project.

The laboratory is fully accredited by the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians. It offers toxicology, bacteriology, virology, molecular diagnostic, clinical and anatomic pathology, parasitology and serology testing services. It provides testing and diagnostic services for veterinarians, animal owners and producers, and the public health sector to safeguard the health and well-being of herds and flocks; companion animals; wildlife, zoo and exotic species; and the general public.

The $18 million laboratory building was approved by the state legislature during the 2015 session. The new structure is quite a change from the former facilities in Van Es Hall, according to lab director Brett Webb.

“Diagnostic veterinary medicine has changed a lot over the past 45 years, when the previous facility was constructed,” he said. “The layout and aged mechanical systems had become a barrier for laboratory accreditation and the location on campus represented a safety concern, based on the types of samples the laboratory receives.”

The new facility provides about twice the laboratory and office space and features major layout enhancements for safety and efficiency.

“When I look at the new lab, I see a modern, well-designed facility that will not only meet the current needs of the livestock industry and companion animal owners in North Dakota and the surrounding region, but also is sufficiently flexible to adapt to future animal health challenges and technological advances in diagnostics,” Webb said.

The lab’s staff members were actively involved in the design and development of the structure and testing areas. “Many of them have relayed that the facility has exceeded their expectations,” said Webb. “Everyone enjoys the abundant natural light and the welcoming environment.


Description curated from NDSU News.

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