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Moorhead Public Schools Dorothy Dodds Elementary

Moorhead Public Schools, Dorothy Dodds Elementary


Project Description:

ONE partnered with Zerr Berg Architects to provide mechanical engineering for the new, 108,735 square foot Dorothy Dodds Elementary School in Moorhead, Minn.

Following approval of the $78.2 million bond referendum on Nov. 3, 2015, Moorhead Area Public Schools began the next steps in implementing the district’s facilities master plan. Both the grades 5-6 school connected to Horizon Middle School and the new K-4 elementary school opened in the fall of 2017.

Ventilation for the building was provided by seven packaged air handling units (AHUs) located throughout the building. Variable-air-volume (VAV) units with hot-water reheat provided for all areas. All offices and classrooms have their own VAV box. Only hallways or storage rooms were combined onto VAV boxes. Return-air was plenum return for all areas. Design for the kitchen has two grease-kitchen exhaust fans.

Boiler design included three boilers with 2,000 MBH each, heating. ONE designed for two system pumps and the boilers were isolated with control valves. Vestibules had hot water CUHs and receiving rooms and mezzanines had hot water SUHs. ONE designed the building to include in-floor heat at the exterior wall/perimeter of all classrooms and offices. Kindergarten rooms have entire floor area in-floor heat.

A 180-ton chiller and six ice storage tanks provide cooling for the building with two system pumps to circulate chilled water.

ONE designed for three zones of fire protection throughout the building.

Moorhead Public Schools Dorothy Dodds Elementary
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