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The Grafton School Remodel and Addition  project consisted of relocating and adding on a middle school for Grafton Public Schools. The school system previously had the elementary and high school buildings in one location while the middle school was located downtown. This project brought all schools to one site and updated the entire heating system. The addition was mostly classroom space, but also included one additional gym and an auditorium/theater.

For energy efficiency, ONE designed for off-peak gas, variable air volume system to minimize air flow, carbon dioxide sensors so that if the rooms aren’t occupied we’re not bringing in excess fresh air in. It also had a full digital controls system that they can manage both on site and remotely.

The project was challenging in that it required adding on to the south side of an existing school which was operational. The high school has a vocational technical program which is shared between 5 different school districts. Even with these major service interruptions, ONE had to make sure the school and vo-tech programs stayed in operation. The team was successful and the project went really well.

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