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Black Gold Farms

Black Gold Farms Corporate Headquarters
Grand Forks, North Dakota

Project Description:

The Black Gold Farms Corporate Headquarters is LEED Gold Certified. It was designed to reduce energy consumption by 21.66% and water use by Water use by 34%.

The mechanical system consisted of a unitary geothermal heat pump system. A total of 26 geothermal wells (200 ft deep). Makeup air is provided through a residential energy recovery unit. All mechanical systems are controlled through a DDC system. The building has a full fire protection system. The plumbing system consisted of an electric water heater and flush valve water closets.

Lighting systems were designed for high efficiencies, such as LED downlights in the corridors, automatic dimming type daylight sensing system in the offices and supplemental electrical space heating. The building also utilizes sunshades on the exterior of the building to allow in ample amounts of indirect light (daylighting), resulting in a minimal amount of electrical lighting use during the day.

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