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Internship Experience with Jordon Krump

The Discover Program 

In any workplace, multi-dimensional problem-solving and thinking are critical. Today, employees favor potential employees who emulate those traits and bring relevant internship experience to the table. Internships are invaluable, especially for college students and graduates.  

An internship brings an abstract theory that is presented and discussed in the classroom to life. And even more than that, it’s discovering what it’s really like to work somewhere. With recruiters from every company seeking out the top candidates, it can be a challenge to attract top talent.  

The Discover Program Obernel challenges potential interns to come find out the real deal. Only they can decide if what we’re telling them at career fairs and interviews matches up with our actual company, actual opportunities, and actual culture. We want our interns to discover what it’s like to put out some of the most innovative engineering and construction projects in our region. We want them to discover what it means to be a part of a company who cares. 


One intern who took the challenge this past summer was Jordan Krump. Jordan is pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree at North Dakota State University. While at Obernel, he worked as an Engineering Intern.   


Projects Worked On:

Throughout the summer, Jordan was exposed to a variety of projects such as Altru, Unity Medical Center, Essential Health, and First International Bank & Trust. Because of this range of projects, Jordan had the opportunity to learn multiple systems and see many sides of the mechanical engineering field.



“I got a lot of good experience with international codes, systems, and the 700 program,” Krump stated, “I kind of dipped my toes into all aspects of the projects.”


Valuable Lessons Learned:

Jordan’s time with Obernel was a learning experience. He explains, “I never realized how much goes into these systems. A lot goes on that most people, who use these systems every day, will never notice.”



Over the summer, Jordan had the opportunity to participate in lunch and learns. During these meetings, educated professionals would present to our team of engineers on various topics. One of the topics Jordan found most interesting was contaminants in the water. Jordan learned the importance of creating systems that prevent contaminants from developing and spreading.

“Overall, this internship has been an excellent overview of fundamental engineering concepts,” Jordan said, “My co-workers do a great job of breaking down concepts and applying them to my previous schooling.”


Leaving an Impact:

Jordan has assisted our engineering team in many ways this summer. He believes his biggest impact will be on those who utilize the facilities our team completed. Jordan elaborates, “We work hard to ensure we create an efficient and safe environment. Those who use the facility will be able to work productively.”


Comments on Jordon from his Mentor: 

“Jordan is very motivated and inquisitive.  He wants to be kept busy, no matter the task, and strives to do it right the first time.  He wants to understand how and why something works which will be very valuable in his career as an engineer.”  – Steve Hoepfner


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