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Civil Engineering And Steve Schilke

Steve Schilke Hired to Civil Engineering Department

Fargo, ND September 1, 2015– Obermiller Nelson Engineering, Inc (Obernel) is pleased to announce the addition of a civil engineering department with the hire of Steve Schilke. Obernel’s new civil department will be an extension of the mechanical and electrical engineering they currently provide. Top notch service has been synonymous with Obernel since the company’s founding in 1992, and by adding another line of business, they show their commitment to improvement.

Obernel principal Jeremiah Christianson said of Schilke, “We’ve worked together for years, and we knew from watching him on projects that he fit the culture at Obernel and fit how we operated.”
For clients of Obernel, civil services are just one more way the company will provide the best service possible, but Schilke isn’t looking to pressure Obernel’s current clients into choosing his service. He said, “We’re just looking for an opportunity. If they’ll [clients] give us a shot, then we’re going to do everything we can to show them they made the right choice. We’re not just concerned about the project we’re working on at the time, we want to make it a lasting relationship.”

Obernel is currently looking to grow the Civil Department in their Fargo office by one Civil Engineer and one Civil AutoCAD Technician.

Obernel delivers success to their clients by providing professional, detailed mechanical and electrical building de¬sign and coordination. It is a Subchapter S Corporation with five locations in North Dakota and Minnesota including Fargo, Bismarck, Grand Forks, Alexandria, and Minneapolis. With licensed Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineers, Fire Protection Engineers (FPE), LEED Accredited Professionals and their Commissioning Services Professionals on staff, Obernel provides its clients with the highest quality of engineering services.

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