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Dave Obermiller Retires

Co-Founder, Dave Obermiller Announces Retirement

Fargo, ND October 2, 2015 – Managing Principal, Mechanical Engineer, and company Co-Founder, Dave Obermiller announces his retirement from Obermiller Nelson Engineering after 23 years in the business.

Dave Obermiller and Jim Nelson met at a mechanical and electrical engineering firm where they both worked in the early 90s. “I didn’t feel I was getting the kind of recognition for the work I was doing and I didn’t care for the direction that that particular company was taking,” said Obermiller. Not feeling as though there were any other good options, Obermiller and Nelson decided to start their own firm. “Once we got the ball rolling with some good projects, clients came to us,” said Obermiller, “it was good, it was fun, and the people who hired us were happy for us to do their work. Because we did such a good job, we didn’t really have to go out and market for it.” The rest, as they say, was history.

While Dave couldn’t be more proud of the organization he’s helped to build over the years, he’s ready now to step away from the constant pressure of running a business. “For some people, their business is their lives, and while this is my life, and I love the company – I needed to get out from underneath the responsibilities that just wear on you over time,” said Obermiller. He’s ready for a slower pace, less work and more fun, but he won’t be disappearing into retirement. He said, “I’ll be here – maybe not in this desk, but in this town. And if anybody needs anything, I’ll still help them out.”

Above all else, Dave says the one thing that drove his success and would do the same for Obernel in his absence, is for its staff to have “a passion for the people that live in the buildings we’ve worked on being comfortable.” He went on to say, “I have a passion for comfort – whether it’s a work environment, learning environment, or living environment, comfort has an impact.”

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